Friday 24 March 2017

Video: JW Ridley - Everything (Deathless)

I wouldn't normally post about a video for a song I've already featured, yet having hugely impressed with his single Everything (Deathless) at the start of this year, I couldn't resit the track featuring again. Here JW Ridley returns with a moody clip to coincide the track's meandering expanse. "I made the video in the same way I recorded the track: just on my own in a room", explains Ridley. "I wanted to keep it simple so the focus was on the song itself. For me, the song is about a feeling of not being able to get inside or outside of yourself. When difficult things happen, I think you create your own little world to live in as a way of surviving. It can feel like everything is going on outside of you or that this thing you carry echoes in everything around you. That's what the window means I guess, a separation from something that is very much there, and at the same time passing you by". Take a watch below.

Everything (Deathless) is available now through Speedy Wunderground.


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