Monday 31 July 2017

Jason Nolan - Don King

Delving in to the dreaded inbox after the weekend. Never an easy task. Since moving music release day to a Friday in the UK (hands down the worst decision any loon in the industry has ever come up with) I've struggled to make any indentation to the mammoth iceberg that is new music. Luckily Jason Nolan was sitting relatively high up in the list whilst making a lasting impression with his latest single Don King. "Don King is about how it feels when things are made deliberately confusing or when there is such a circus around things, that you are encouraged to be either apathetic or cynical", he explains. "I feel like currently there are groups on all sides trying there upmost to reject a forced narrative, while many are left feeling a bit useless and confused. Take a listen to the swanky new track below.


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