Thursday 26 October 2017

LOYAL - Light Up For You

Since first emerging with their debut single Blue & The Green, LOYAL have shot through the ranks at lightening speed, racking up plays in their millions. Here they return with a track of expected calibre as the fast rising outfit share the title piece off their upcoming debut EP. "LOYAL is a concept project, we are attempting to tell a story with our music." they explain. "Each song portrays different chapters and scenes, though the story has not been released in order so how it’s pieced together is down to each individual. The aim is to keep our songs ambiguous, so they can lend themselves to traditional subject matters such as love and sex, as writers we want the meaning you find to tell you more about yourself than it does about us, like an audible Rorschach test. ‘Light Up For You’ represents the end of our first chapter. In this moment we talk of the highs of hitting rock bottom and thrill of a new start". Take a listen for yourselves below. The group will release the 'Light Up For You' EP through IAMSOUND on October 27th.


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