Thursday 11 January 2018

Pizzagirl - Favourite Song

Pizzagirl. Neither music made by the traditional Italian dish, nor a girl, yet Liam Brown's psychedelic bedroom vision is about to be freed so we can forgive and forget as we get lost in his kaleidoscopic world. Sharing his debut single, Favourite Song, the Liverpool-residing artist delivers a contagious concoction of 1980's inspired melodies, zany lyrics and undeniably catchy chord changes. "Favourite Song is my attempt at making a tune that would fit nicely in a Miami Vice/Blade Runner soundtrack" explains Pizzagirl, ͞"Lyrically it,'s themed around being nostalgic, and seeing a certain person and time through a rose tinted camera lens". Take a listen below for yourselves. Favourite Song is out today via independent label Heist or Hit.


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