Tuesday 9 January 2018

Rynn - With You (Drake Cover)

Whilst it's no hidden secret to my dislike of fan covers and remixes, the only thing to criticise here is the track being over all too soon. Making it completely her own, Rynn delivers a kaleidoscopic alternative to Drake's With You. Filled with progressive electronics and auto-tuned vocals, the alt-pop artist based out of LA shares with us a perfectly poised work of art, raising all senses of emotion. "For me, With You, is about finding yourself totally consumed by your feelings for someone wanting to spend all your time with that person" she explains. "In general, I’m not good at having casual feelings about most things and I either could probably care less, or have thrown myself 1000% into that situation. I totally relate to the line in the song, “it’s about us right now, so where you going,” because sometimes I tend to fall too hard a little too pre maturely and then get sad when I realize I probably idealized the situation more in my head then where things were at in reality". Take a listen for yourselves below. 


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