Monday 27 August 2018

Yumi Zouma - In Camera

Photo Credit: Ryan McCardle & Aidan Koch

Big time favourites of mine, Yumi Zouma have been one of the stand-alone acts that have been with the site since day one. Since first featuring the dreamy sounds of The Brae back in 2014, the band have continued their journey building momentum as they go. It's with huge excitement to learn of the unveiling a brand new EP that's due out next month, backed up with their incredibly infectious new single, In Camera. Quite possible by favourite to date, the band take flight in to their most polished pop form yet. "This EP, both in its material and how it was written and recorded, feels really close to EP I & II." explain the band "Spread again between three countries, bouncing endless revisions of a song until it's right, falling asleep on FaceTime trying to write lyrics together and the exhilaration of waking up to NEW SONG VERSION 5 - it threw us back to how we worked on material when we thought no one would ever listen. We've completed our EP family. It's the little sibling none of us had growing up and none of us knew we could love so much." Take a listen for yourselves below.

Yumi Zouma will release EP 'III' on September 28th through CASCINE.


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