Wednesday 19 September 2018

Cyrus Reynolds - Foraker ft. S. Carey

There's things in life just go better together. Fish and chips. Pen and paper. Wine and cheese. The list is pretty endless. Returning last week Cyrus Reynolds unveiled his wonderful collaboration with S. Carey which adds another fine pair to it. Having not previously met, but introduced through a mutual friend, the two began working together and instantly produced magic. "Carey came on to the song through a mutual friend I've written a couple of orchestral songs with, Ivan Howard, who knew Sean through Bon Iver. Once we spoke about the project, he recorded the vocals and it immediately had all of this vibe and character; introspection and the kind of joy you want to shout off a cliff." "It was our first time meeting and working together, but I know Sean must have really connected with the message - because he really just got the song in every way. The song had a place and a heart, and then S. Carey came in and gave it a pulse and a new life". Take a listen for yourselves below.

The new single Foraker is out now on Dumont Dumont.


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