Wednesday 19 September 2018

Hannah's Little Sister - 20

New Liverpool four-piece Hannah's Little Sister have unveiled their beautifully raucous debut single with an accompanying video courtesy of friend Beebo Boobin. Full of quirky vocal traits and thrashing guitars that endeavour to swallow you up, spitting out the half-eaten leftovers, 20's kick-ass sound is a breath of fresh air to a scene that's so often draped in repetition and mediocrity. Anyone who's gone through their twenties will know all too well the awkward coming of age phase where you're expected to act like an adult but know nothing of the sort and here the band capture that effortlessly. Take a watch below as they celebrate in true party fashion with balloons, squirty cream, hats and a Colin the Caterpillar cake whilst all the time getting messy having the time of their lives.


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