Sunday 3 March 2019

Hildur - 1993

Hildur - 1993

Stereotypes aside, there really must be something in the Nordic waters. Their insatiable talents for creating the best pop music is a tale often told, and once again plays true with Hildur's latest single 1993. “1993 is an autobiographical anthem of my childhood" she explains. "It was when I was 5 that I realized my dream was to create, tell stories and stand on stage. As per the hook “When I grow up I wanna be me”, it came to me as it was only recently I realized I had really became the person the 5 year old me wanted to be and was doing all the things I had dreamt of, without really giving myself the credit. This song is my journey and all the loopholes and fallbacks it took, all the disbelief but passion I experienced, all the insecurity and the creativity- which is me.So if my 5 year old self could hear one song from the future, I would want it to be this one. And I hope someone else on their journey to become themselves can relate.” Take a listen for yourselves below.


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