Tuesday 30 April 2019

Harry Strange - Sober

Harry Strange - Sober

Taken from his upcoming concept EP ‘Crying At The Party’, London-based artist Harry Strange returns sharing the first of its four single's, Sober. Its opener is a song about going unnoticed by someone you care about and takes the lead on a theme set over the space of a single house party. Burrowing it's way in to your head with infectious vocals and a dazzling touch of emotion, Sober is a track that most certainly won't leave you in a hurry. "Sober is a classic case of not being noticed by the one person you want to be noticed by", he explains. "I really wanted the song to encapsulate this feeling of having a shit time whilst being surrounded by people who are loving life resulting in this feeling of happiness but also sadness? I think this ability to swing from two opposing emotions is such an interesting dynamic especially when it comes to a drinking culture and this track and the EP as a whole really tries to explore and examine both of these states". Take a listen for yourselves below.


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