Tuesday 30 April 2019

okaywill - Pretend

Melting any boundaries that pre-existed between electronic and soul, all-round producer singer/songwriter wunderkind okaywill returns with his incredible new effort, Pretend. Signed to those playlist making-turned-record label stars Majestic Casual Records, he'll release his debut EP ‘Falling For You’ June 14th 2019 and this is its first taste. Take a listen for yourselves below.
"Pretend is an alternate reality for me. It’s what could’ve happened to me but didn’t: My girlfriend had a relationship with me when we were in middle school, but I wanted to be just friends. I didn’t end up getting back with her until 5 years later. The problem was, we saw each other a lot after that and I sometimes ignored her in public because I didn’t want people to think things and I was very young and didn’t want to be in a relationship, or have that status. I treated her like she was pretend until I was mentally prepared to have a relationship again. I always liked her, but didn’t want to be so young and have the responsibilities of being in a relationship." - okaywill.


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