Monday 29 April 2019

Lokoy - Two Too Many

Taking a step away from his Sløtface bass playing duties, returning with news of his second solo EP, Lokoy shares new single Two Too Many. With a luscious electronic palette of buoyant melodies coupled with his soft vocals, his latest effort is a glistening infectious pop jam that keeps on giving the more you listen as you peel away its layers. "I overheard an elderly professor telling a story about an outrageous neighbourhood where he heard people yelling in the streets and holding hands" Lokoy explains. "I thought to myself that it was hilarious that this man was so deeply shocked of such a natural, emotional, human behaviour. There's something special about being with someone who'll yell at you, and who you can yell at, and then a minute later you will hold hands". Listen for yourselves below.


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