Monday 29 April 2019

Lauv - Drugs & The Internet (Official Video)

Photo Credit: Stephan Kohli

Lauv - Drugs & The Internet (Official Video)

Taken from the singer's highly anticipated forthcoming debut album, last week saw Lauv unveil the official video to his latest single, Drugs & The Internet. Bright neon lights and a tea party like no other set the scene for the accompanying clip all before Lauv can't take much more of the over stimulated digital universe. Much like our own reality. Take a watch for yourselves below. Speaking about the meaning behind the song and video, Lauv said,
"I wrote Drugs & The Internet at a time I was struggling with feelings of extreme emptiness and depression. I wrote it as a sort of self-analysis for my obsession with the way I wanted to present myself to the world — a commentary on the world we live today. It is as much self-deprecating as it is serious and sad. It flew out of me in an hour. It felt more therapeutic than any song I’d written before. As the first song off of my album ~how i’m feeling~, it is the perfect entrance into the next phase of my life and music. I am more proud of this song and video than anything i have ever created in my life, and I’m so excited that it’s yours now".


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