Monday 22 April 2019

SHHE - Boy

SHHE - Boy

SHHE - Boy

Posts have been rather thin on the ground here in recent weeks so what better way to kick start my drive than to dig in to the depths of my inbox. SHHE, the alter-ego of Scottish-Portuguese artist and producer Su Shaw landed at me feet over a month ago, and to be quite frank, it's a shame it's taken me so long to share. Her music is utterly gorgeous and is filled with a wealth of atmospherics and eerie soundscapes. "Sometimes we're unwilling to let go and sometimes we're unable to. Willingness and ability are different things. How do you give yourself completely to someone when parts of you still remain with someone else? How much of your identity do you lose in the process?” she surmises. Her latest single Boy is a powerful meandering piece that slowly builds through warming pad textures toward its cathartic finale. Take a listen/watch below at the mesmerising accompanying video.


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