Sunday 9 June 2019

Floral Shop - Parasols EP

Photo: Marvin Schwienheer

What better way to spend the last few hours of the weekend than with the sun setting on a Sunday eve with Germany's Floral Shop 'Parasols' EP on repeat. Unveiled Friday, the band's promising, jangly guitar sound slackwire's its way across a multitude of genre's, never quite here nor there culminating towards its otherworldly experience. From the EP's lead track Out Of Touch, heavy in swirling synths and punchy basslines, to its arpeggiated closer Anyplace that's rich in expansive pad textures and jittering melodies that scintillate in to life, the quartet demonstrate in detail their vastly dynamic qualities. “We’ve rarely written songs by playing together in a room. Most of the creative work happens on the computer”, drummer Marvin Stecker recounts. “We produce and record parts individually and then upload them online so the others can share their thoughts and continue what someone else started.” “When you work on a track as a whole, you take more of a holistic view”, Igor notes. “It takes away the urge to squeeze every single riff into the song. We now exchange instruments on stage frequently and rarely play the parts we wrote ourselves.” Listen for yourselves below.


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