Sunday 9 June 2019

Lara Snow - Swim Far (Official Music Video)

Tel Aviv-based artist Lara Snow returned over the weekend with her stunning new single, Swim Far. The first track taken from her debut EP 'Delete Forever' showcases its punchy basslines, infectious vocal hooks and impressive deliverance in mighty fine detail. "My heart was broken for a very long time,'' Snow says. "At a young age I got into a toxic relationship and it changed who I was in a way. I became a sad girl and I was trying to float in a world that was dark. I carry these feelings with me ‘till this day. I think this is also the reason why water metaphors come often in my songs, for a long time I was trying to reach out for air and felt like I was choking, fighting to keep my head above the water. But at one point, I decided that I’m only going to keep in my life people who make me a better person". Take a listen for yourselves below with the track's official video that was filmed together with her partner Jonatan Harpak in Geneva and Tel Aviv, all using nothing but an iPhone to excellent effect.


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