Monday 26 August 2019

Honest Men - My Mind

Honest Men - My Mind

"How do you know what people really think of you?". Austin-based outfit Honest Men tackle this age old question in their latest single, My Mind. Exploring the complexity of human relationships, from passing judgment on others to how you perceive yourself, the band build a vivid picture through catchy hooks and energising melodies. "‘My Mind’ explores the complexity of relationships once people have left the room— the passing of judgment on one another that occurs whether we’re aware or not," the band explained. "We live in a world with loud voices and even louder opinions, and this song explores the question of where we stand in the midst of it all." The single comes backed by its b-side Your Mind, taking down the tempo and showing off their soulful dynamics."This track marks the start of a new era for us as a band, musically and personally. This is the first of many releases in the coming months that, we hope, give something new to our fans that they haven’t gotten from us before". Take a listen for yourselves below.


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