Wednesday 14 August 2019

Seazoo - Throw It Up

North-Wales outfit Seazoo return this week with their jubilant new single, Throw It Up. Without delay the track jumps straight in to its quick-fire melodies and harmonious sounds, with plenty of twists and turns along the way. Discussing the release, frontman Ben Trow stated: "I see a lot of people rejecting aspects of modern life, like tech, tech platforms, even careers as a way of trying to improve happiness. Some people make extreme lifestyle changes, like moving into a forest, or selling-up and moving into a van. But I also see people getting rid of their smart phones or deleting their social media. So I guess the song’s about making the decision to reject something in an attempt to improve well-being". Take a listen for yourselves below.

Live Dates
25 Aug –Golden Lion, Wrexham
01 Sept –End Of The Road
20 Oct –Swn Festival, Cardiff

Seazoo is: Ben Trow (lead vocals, guitar), Dan West (lead guitar), Llinos Griffiths (keys), Mike Smith (bass), Steffan Owens (drums)


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