Wednesday 25 September 2019

MAX RAD - Play Dead

MAX RAD - Play Dead

Having quickly become an artist I can so readily share music from without the need to listen beforehand, Max Rad has confidently stamped his name on the scene with his unique blend of soulful pop. Returning today he unveils his latest conquest, Play Dead, a track that is as effortlessly cool as it is ambitious. "I wrote this song at the same time as 'Flesh & Blood'. I took a few things with me to record and set up in the living room of a cottage by the sea." Max explains. 'Play Dead' came about very quickly - it seemed to unravel and slot in to place fairly seamlessly. There has only ever been one version of this track, there's often a kind of magic in capturing a song in it's embryonic stages that you can't seem to recreate, so I finished it down there and it actually hasn't changed since." Listen for yourselves below.

13th November – London, Corsica Studios
14th November – Bristol, Louisiana
15th November – Manchester, YES!


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