Friday 6 September 2019

Skip Curtis - Push & Shove

Welsh singer-songwriter Skip Curtis today returns with his official second single, Push & Shove. Demonstrating a vast shift in dynamics from the upbeat Messed Up, his latest effort creates a depth like no other through its vast open space and emotive-prowess. "The first version of this song was catharsis after a break-up", he goes on to explain. "I wasn’t an artist then, didn’t release any of my own material and the song felt too personal to give to another artist to use so it just sat there in one of my songbooks for almost a decade". Recorded on his first ever guitar and as a live vocal take, the track gets a sense of poetic justice as he revisits a demo he wrote almost 10 years previous. "It felt right to record the song with the guitar I wrote it on. I have better guitars that probably would have sounded fuller on the recording, but there would have been nothing poetic about using them.It’s a song about a certain time in my life, written, played and recorded on the guitar from that same time in my life." Take a listen for yourselves below. Push & Shove is the second single taken from Skip’s debut album ‘Culture Violet’ planned for release in 2020.


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