Tuesday 15 October 2019

Callum Pitt - L. Lane

Callum Pitt - L. Lane

Returning with his new single, Newcastle-based artist Callum Pitt has unveiled the stunning L. Lane. A track bursting with colourful melodies and insatiably catchy hooks, the new single tackles a much darker subject matter, one of personal detachment, yet he manages to portray it in his upbeat unique way. "L. Lane is primarily about waiting and feeling stuck" Callum explains. "It revolves around a period in my life where my relationship had to be long distance, I wasn't in an enjoyable job,and not much was happening musically. It explores the feelings of discontent, disconnect and resentment you feel towards the place you feel stuck in and how easily time can be wasted by not being present mentally.” Take a listen below.


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