Tuesday 15 October 2019

Ellen Krauss - Criminal To Love (Official Video)

Rising Swedish pop star Ellen Krauss today shares the cinematic new video to her latest single Criminal To Love. Speaking about the video, Ellen says "Making the video for “Criminal to Love” was a cool new experience. We shot it in the suburbs of LA, in a torn down liquor store and a staged trailer park. I like the way the film gives the audience behind the scenes footage and an honest view of film-making. Someone’s powdering my nose and then it cuts to me robbing the cashier. I had lots of fun making this. Throwing eggs at people is not an everyday thing, nor is spray painting for me...". Described as "a song about the destructiveness of certain relationships, personified", the track's simplified use of space adds to the damaging impact carried by Krauss's emotive vocals. Take a watch/listen for yourselves below.


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