Saturday 9 November 2019

Polly Money - TWNTYS

Clinging on to every last moment in my 20's as 30 gets nearer by the second, I know all too well of the trials and tribulations you go through at that pivotal moment being thrown head-first in to 'adulthood'. There's no training manual or YouTube tutorial in sight here. It's a difficult transitioning period but one that can also be one of the most invigorating times of your life. New sensation Polly Money tries to make heads and tails of the situation with her new single TWNTYS, a track that's wrapped up in sensational pop sensibilities and seamless deliverance. "Twntys is a song about navigating through the time in your life where everything seems to come to head," explains Polly, "Not just for you but for your friends as well. You’re fresh out of school, fresh out of another shitty breakup and all those ‘plans you made of concrete don’t seem so steady’. Where time is no longer infinite and everyone's getting on with their lives while you feel like you’re wasting yours. It’s no longer the beginner's mind but the past hurts that start to shape the way you now approach relationships and life situations. It’s not all bad though cause there’s always another someone to love and the hope that you’ll never be the only one feeling the way you do. My twenty’s were always something I couldn’t wait for but when they arrived I realized things didn’t suddenly become clear but actually bought a whole load of grey areas that took me time to figure out. This song is for my friends and I who continue to get through it together with another drink and another late-night conversation". Listen for yourselves below.


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