Wednesday 4 December 2019

MAX RAD - Oh My Brother (Official Video)

MAX RAD - Oh My Brother (Official Video)

Following on from revealing his recent single Oh My Brother last month, London-based artist Max Rad has today returned with the track's accompanying official video. Sharing an insight in to the clip, Max explains it comes form a time and period where he never felt quite in control of his head-space following the loss of his dad. The video sees Max try and escape his friends and environment but as he proves, it's a little harder than one would first think. Speaking on the track Max said: I wrote Oh My Brother in a time where I felt everything was changing around me, and was out of my control. The feeling of being left behind in an emotional place as everyone else moves on, and battling with that internally. We had just suffered a huge loss in my family (we lost my Dad to cancer) and my mum was moving from the place where I grew up. It was hugely unsettling for me at the time, leaving so many memories behind and feeling so uprooted. It feels like a snapshot in time for me, I was pretty low and I felt as if I was bringing the people around me down as well.” Take a watch for yourselves below.


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