Wednesday 22 January 2020

Dan Croll returns with the release of double A- side single ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Stay In L.A.’

Dan Croll returns with double A- side single ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Stay In L.A.’

Oddly enough it was only last month I added Dan Croll to my 'Whatever happened to...' Spotify playlist. In almost timely fashion today he marked his very welcomed return with a double A-side single, ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Stay In L.A.’. The first new music from Croll in two years following his hiatus after the release of his second album ‘Emerging Adulthood’, the two track release sees him take on a new mature stance as his songwriting and composition takes it up a gear. Speaking about the experience of upping sticks and moving to LA Dan explains, “The past two years have been a roller coaster, starting from scratch, alone in a different country, but I’m so happy to have come out the other end with this collection of songs. These first two tracks really set the scene for the story of my first year in America, what I was going through mentally and physically, and how the decision to move came to light.Feels great not only to be back on the music scene, but to be doing it with songs that I finally feel represent the influences and music I truly love. Both of these tracks mark a fresh start, and though I'm far away from Liverpool they both still draw directly from the sounds and experiences of home.” Take a listen for yourselves below.


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