Monday 16 March 2020

IS TROPICAL - Calling Out

It's scary how fast time goes by when you're nearing 30. It's hard to believe I last wrote about IS TROPICAL 7 years ago but it's great to have them back with a brand new single, 4 years after the release of their third album 'Black Anything'. Taken from an upcoming LP, their latest single 'Calling Out' delivers plenty more warming synth pad textures layered amongst shared vocals and skippy percussion. Speaking about the release the band had the following message to share: "During recording we utilised a(n) roland TR-505 alongside our ageing bodies. We offer sincere contrition and apology for producing disgusting plastic CD jewel cases in hubris. May our intentions redeem us, and our actions absolve us. With all of the above, in plenitude, with memories of moth club and beyond. For ten of the best years of our lives shared together. In dedication to the future. For all these sins we summon gallant rogues, as children happily knock the hats off old men". 'Calling Out' is taken from their upcoming new album 'Cola Spirit', out in Summer 2020. Take a listen for yourselves below.


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