Thursday 30 April 2020

Alex Porat - Happy For You

"I miss your dog I bet he's grown". It's always harder when there's pets involved. Breakup's are never straight forward and Alex Porat knows this all too well as she documents in her latest single Happy For You. Putting on a brave face whilst going through the healing process, the track's uplifting shift offers some kind of solace in difficult times through its huge pop sensibilities and insatiable hooks. Porat says about writing the song,"The theme of this song is a situation that I find comes up often. When you go through a break-up, everything that person does online is now in your face and you want them to think you’re okay with them moving on when you’re not. For this track we wanted it to be super introspective and feel kind of dream-like since you’re not actually saying these lyrics out loud." She notes about the video, "It represents the role social media plays in the aftermath of a relationship. You’re so distracted and jealous of what’s showing up on your timeline that you don’t realize that you’re surrounded by an equally great situation. At the end of the day, it just shows how blinding your emotions can be." Take a watch for yourself below.


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