Thursday 30 April 2020

Rence - Tears In December

Catching up on my blog emails I almost missed this gem from genre-defying singer, songwriter and producer Rence as he recently returned with his latest single, Tears In December. Introducing a pulsating beat to the track's opening guitar strings, Rence wastes no time in unveiling his huge pop hooks and infectious melodies. "Tears in December chronicles my personal life following some major changes I underwent recently, including moving back out west from New York,” says Rence. “I thought I needed to leave my old home (and person) behind to start fresh in an exciting new city, but once I got here I realized pretty quickly that I was wrong. This song is that realization. I sing the lyrics to someone very special to me that I made the mistake of leaving, but beyond that interpersonal relationship, I wrote the lyrics to remind myself not to be too quick to move on and forget the past. That past is precisely what got me to where I am and what will help me continue to move forward. In the lyrics I say ‘sick of the sound of my heart hitting the ground,’ but a big piece of that sentiment is the realization that I was the one breaking my own heart. That heartbreak found its way into my songs for a while - especially because I’m always trying to be honest and authentic in what I create - and I was just sick of hearing it." Take a listen below.


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