Saturday 4 April 2020

Sad Boys Club - Know (Pt. II)

This Friday saw London-based outfit Sad Boys Club return with their euphoric new single Know (Pt. II), the first music to emerge following thier acclaimed EP 'Four Shades of the Transitional Phase'. Feeding in to their glittered sound comes a dazzling display of 80's synth pop textures and accelerated guitars, all neatly tied together by the band's tight percussion and high-piqued vocals. Speaking about the single, Wheldon said: "Know (Part 2) is a different take on the feelings of isolation and separation explored in Part 1. No, it's not about quarantine. It was somewhat born of the versions of your self you find after a few minutes scrolling down your own social media feeds - you can feel disassociated from that person you once were but it's in some way immortalized, that disorientation in your own journey can be a source of relief in some ways but it can also reveal some pretty horrible truths, you don't get to control or romanticize that narrative as you might do with nostalgia, that's a quarry i'm interested in mining at the moment, it's all quite existential isn't it? 2020." Take a listen for yourselves below.


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