Monday 29 June 2020

Clea - Sugar (Official Video)

Brisbane-based artist Clea (pronounced 'clay') returns with an emotive new single 'Sugar'. Coinciding with the release the artist accompanies the track with a brand new video Directed and Filmed by Jack Birtles. “I was overcome with emotion and felt the strongest desire to cower and crawl in the corner. It is the nature of humans turning a blind eye to a situation to save oneself of hurt, but in this instance there was truly no way of hiding. It saddens me deeply that it takes for the country to burn and our chests to fill with smoke to truly start to take seriously the issue of climate change and the great stress humans place on this incredible earth. The world is in great pain and the systems in place have failed us, true change is crucial otherwise we can literally kiss it all goodbye.” Take a watch for yourselves below.


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