Monday 29 June 2020

Sam Johnson - The Kids Are Alright (Official Music Video)

Taken from his soon-to-be-announced new EP ‘Are We There Yet?’, Sam Johnson makes his welcomed return with new single The Kids Are Alright. From its raw lyrics, delivered with such conviction, the track's aspirant drive gives a promising indication to what lays ahead. Speaking about his new video, he said, "This video almost didn’t happen. With lockdown laws in place and social distancing restrictions enforced, the sun was setting on any hope I had to get a music video for The Kids Are Alright finished in time for it’s release. Luckily however, the sun was also setting over the otherworldly and beautifully picturesque landscape of Hilbre Island near Liverpool, just a few minutes from where I’d been stuck since lockdown. With the tide rapidly coming in, and light being lost, my girlfriend and I rushed out quickly to film a very simple shot of me performing to camera with the Merseyside sun setting on my back. With no budget, and filmed simply on my iPhone we got everything we needed in one take and captured some much needed magic on the uncharacteristically empty beach. Directed and edited by me, I hope this brings those that watch it some calm and serenity in a time where we need it most." Take a listen/watch for yourselves below.


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