Sunday 26 July 2020

Flyte - Losing You

Last week saw Flyte return with their sensational new single Losing You. Collaborating with Bafta-Winner Mark Jenkin on their latest video the band invest their soulful, tender sounds in to a tale of heartbreak written by lead singer Will Taylor last year. "Every detail of Losing You is taken directly from the week after a breakup," explains Will in more detail. "We actually got back together and years later it ended again but this time the roles had been reversed. It felt strangely poignant singing a song that I was initially directing at someone who’d hurt me, to then turn it around and sing it back at myself.  I don’t think Flyte was ready to take on this song until now. We were finally confident enough to just play the song and not add any extra production, and let the lyrics do all the talking. Andrew Sarlo wanted it to feel like the track never left the lonely bedroom. Like the band just came over, jammed out the song and that was that". Take a listen for yourselves below.

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