Sunday 9 August 2020

Jolé - Alpine Green

Following the introduction of his self-titled debut album last year, London-based singer songwriter Jolé has recently returned sharing the first new work from his upcoming EP 'Silver Lake', due out August 21st. Written about the crushing feeling of homesickness, something that's ironically often been overlooked throughout lockdown where families have been unable to visit loved-ones or travel home, its softly played nuances and hushed tones bring a serenity line none other amidst the madness going on outside. "I wrote this song whilst being really home sick" explains Jolé, "The narrative is about experiencing something beautiful or uplifting that you wish you could share with someone that can’t be there. It’s about feeling grateful in the moment but wanting someone you love to experience it with you also. However, in not being with that person, holding them in your thoughts or in your memory can sometimes be good enough." Take a listen for yourselves below.


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