Friday 14 August 2020

Sam Johnson shares acoustic rendition of latest single 'Peter Pan'

Following the great reception for his recent single The Kids Are Alright, Sam Johnson returns with a blissful rendition of his latest effort Peter Pan. Taken from his forthcoming new EP ‘'Are We There Yet?’', the track's thoughtful lyrics and softly played nuances come to life in the glorious surroundings of nature recorded on a pedalo in London’s Dulwich Park. Speaking about his new video, Sam said, “We had a bit of a laugh making this video. It was a pretty hot day in London and the idea was to get a video of me performing Peter Pan on one of the pedalos in Dulwich Park pond, but as luck would have it the park ranger had closed up shop a little earlier than expected. So after lots of umming and arring, Isy (the photographer) and I jumped over one of the fences and hopped in one of the boats that was chained to the edge of the pond when no one was looking. We had to do it in one take as we weren’t really meant to be there. I nearly fell in, and Isy nearly got attacked by a swan but I think we still managed to capture something really beautiful.” Take a watch/listen for yourselves below.


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