Sunday 1 November 2020

Ed Nash - When

Following on from last month's single Think You Feel The Same, Ed Nash returned over the weekend with his brilliant new effort, When. From its glistening guitar crescendos to the track's swirling layers of ingenious pop sensibilities, it's another wonderful insight in to what lays ahead on his latest solo project, set to be released on his own label Bangers & Nash. Speaking about the track, Ed says: “‘When’ started out as a simple two and a half minute lo-fi song that I came up with late one night. Each section I added I liked more so I kept going and when I was done, the two and a half minute pop song that I had planned had morphed into a different beast all together. As you listen to the track you can hear it change shape as it did when I was making it... from sweet pop song to full band wig out.” Take a listen for yourselves below.

photo credit: Matteo Sanguinetti-Bird

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