Sunday 1 November 2020

Matt Ryder - Mescaline Smoke (Official Video)

Marking the drop of his second EP “Soundless Motion,”this weekend saw Matt Ryder coincide the release with an official video to his latest single Mescaline Smoke. Perfectly encapsulating the track's emotion through its disconsolated, out of body energy, the video sees its hazy nuances come to life in a wondrous light. Speaking about the song, Ryder says “This song is again heavily inspired by party culture in teenage years, if people take it too far the lines can blur and it will begin to affect everyday life, I saw this first hand. These kids would feel terrible about themselves and when it came to a party would just lose themselves in the night, I thought it was so sick but never experienced it myself.” Take a watch for yourselves below. 

Photo Credit - Milly Cope

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