Tuesday 10 November 2020

Flyte - I've Got A Girl (Official Video)

Premiered this evening, London-based outfit Flyte have shared their gloriously gory new video to latest single I've Got A Girl. Taking an alternative view on the clich├ęd breakup, the track perfectly depicts the fall out with one's friendship or creative partner. "Where all the other tracks on this record are about a romantic relationship coming to an end, this covers the loss of a creative one. Breaking up with a friend and band member. There’s definitely a bitterness listening back to it, but at its core is the sound of a band completely letting go and having a genuinely cathartic time. We recorded it very late at night and more than a little intoxicated,” explains lead singer Will Taylor. Speaking about the video he goes on to say, “We knew we wanted the video to feel as spiteful as the song itself, and were at pains to make sure the band were the ones under attack - like we were in the middle of a collective anxiety dream. It’s abstract and it’s harrowing. It’s everything a nightmare’s supposed to be”. Take a watch for yourselves below.

Photo: Jan Philipzen


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