Wednesday 25 November 2020

We Are Scientists - Fault Lines

New York indie cult band We Are Scientists have unveiled their brand new video to latest single Fault Lines. In true fashion, the band let us in to a morbid secret exposing the lies on their songwriting process in as comedic fashion as ever. Talking about the making of the video, singer and guitarist Keith Murray explains… “I generally HATE it when bands dress up as kooky characters and do a lot of over-the-top mugging in their videos. That said, to tell this story correctly demanded just that sort of thing from bass-man Chris Cain. Thankfully, Chris is widely acknowledged as one of the funniest and most charismatic people in his field — not just in music, but in entertainment of any kind.” Murray continues, commenting further on bassist Chris Cain’s performance… “I could watch Chris as this producer character for hours, even if the footage weren’t scored by one of the finest songs of this century (our own Fault Lines).  The character is a tasteful amalgamation of every producer we’ve ever studied under. He’s got the well-earned confidence of Ariel Rechtshaid (With Love and Squalor, Brain Thrust Mastery, Barbara), the ineffable cool of Chris Coady (TV En Francais) and the sartorial panache of Max Hart (Helter Seltzer, Megaplex). I begged Chris to green-light a version of the Fault Lines video that was nothing but this producer character, in all his unctuous glory. Sadly for the world, Chris’ modesty won out. The video is still an unparalleled achievement in the filmic arts.” Take a watch for yourselves below.


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