Friday 15 January 2021

BE GOOD Release Everything's Alright In The Evening EP

Set to kick off the year in the only stylish way they know how, Oxford's BE GOOD unveil their brand new EP entitled 'Everything's Alright In The Evening'. Having long developed a niche for creating silk smooth alt-pop, rich in provocative undertones and a burning desire, the four-piece find themselves right at home in their new effort. From the warming synth pad textures and grand pop sensibilities on Young Strangers, to the darkened pulsating tones on Dark Glasses, everything about this release has been produced to an exquisite level. Take Cathy's love-lorn lyrics and twinkling keys for example, setting a despondent mood as singer Ash Cooke attempts to pull apart his mind's inner-workings. Where last year's big hit Sickie knocks you to the floor with its sultry melodies and reflective depiction, the EP's penultimate track Torch Song tones things back with its soft ushered vocals and scintillating crescendo. Rounding things up with Pink Sky (Can I Tell You Something?), the band's latest release delivers heartache and delicate soul in the biggest of measures. This is disconnected pop for the ones that can't sleep in the blackened twilight hours. Deluge yourselves below.

To coincide with the release the band have shared an official video to lead single Young Strangers, directed by Joe Vozza, perfectly encapsulating the push/pull of longing and loneliness. Take a watch for yourselves below. Speaking about the clip the band had the following to say: "Joe is an amazing multimedia instrumentalist with an incredible eye—he has that rare talent of enhancing the aesthetic world of the artists he works with. We connected behind the vision of creating a dream-like, cinematic version of British suburbia in the video, referencing Spielberg and teen movies. We wanted it to almost feel like a trailer of a film or TV show—evocative of interlacing stories and characters without necessarily focusing on a linear narrative".


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