Sunday 14 March 2021

Spoort - Charm & the Strange

Midlands four-piece Spoort made their very welcomed return on Friday with their brand new single Charm & the Strange. Making it the first offering from the band since their debut EP release in 2020, the track sees them continue to explore the murky shadows of subdued electronic pop with another delectably darkened, kaleidoscopic effort. Guitarist and vocalist Paul Cupi says, “Space is the place, or at the very least it’s a place. The modern musician’s reaction to space is indifferent. The city - being the centre of modern music - is so artificially bright that we are blind to the stars. Music has been completely disconnected from reality and is controlled by artificial art officials. Charm and the Strange is a return to the archaic love of reality in the form of a cheesy pop song.” Take a listen for yourselves below. Accompanied by a music video directed by Ash Rommelrath, he explains, “It’s an inspired visual crossover between filmmaker David Cronenberg and photographer Gregory Crewdson, the video for Charm & the Strange is strangely representative of a year in lockdown, households across the country bound to armchairs and fixated on television sets.

Spoort are: Andrew King (keys, vocals), Paul Cupi (guitar, vocals), Declan Rollings (bass) and Ross McLeish (drums).


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