Thursday 22 April 2021

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard - New Age Millennial Magic

Making their very welcomed return, Hotly tipped Welsh outfit Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard unveil their brand new single New Age Millennial Magic. Speaking about the single, singer Tom Rees goes on to explain in further detail: “Seeing Gen-Z’ers quitting school and actually influencing real change in place of me theorising whether Engels would have put his recycling out really brought into focus how fickle millennials (including myself) really are. I take absolute delight in lecturing a table of half-cut peers on the failures of capitalism, but little do they know my grab bag of 250 plastic guitar picks are already priming their way down the A470 straight to my door in the hands of an underpaid delivery driver with eyes like pissholes in fake snow.” Take a listen/watch to the catchy number for yourselves below. 


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