Thursday 22 April 2021

Jake Whiskin - Heavy

Making his very welcomed return, Leeds-based singer/songwriter Jake Whiskin has today unveiled his new single, Heavy. Following on from kicking off the year with with the pristinely polished Slow Motion, Jake continues to mature in sound and presence as we get a taste of what's to come with another blindingly moving pop effort. Speaking about 'Heavy', Jake Whiskin said: "Heavy is all about the feelings of being weighed down by someone and wanting to shake them off. I was listening to Blood On The Tracks by Dylan a lot when I wrote it and wanted to write something more story based like that record, but my own stuff got in the way and the story I was writing was pretty close to home. The whole EP is pretty much tapping into that kind of self examination from different angles, which can be pretty terrifying - but if I’m not a little bit scared at some point in the process then I’m probably not being as real as I could be."  'Heavy' is taken from Jake Whiskin's forthcoming second EP, set for release this summer through Dance to the Radio. Take a listen for yourselves below.



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