Sunday 16 May 2021

Veps - Girl on TV (Official Video)

Taken from their forthcoming EP 'Open The Door', due out 11th June on Kanine Records, Oslo's Veps returned this weekend with their contemplative new single Girl on TV. Through expansive guitar strums and a profound message that tackles the modern day pressures of life, the single brings together their brooding 90's slacker pop sound in wonderful style. Explaining the song in more detail the band go on to say “’Girl on TV’ is more like a story with a narrative than any other of our songs. It follows a girl growing up in a home where she doesn’t feel like she is being seen. Ultimately it’s a song about loneliness and idealisation. It's about how lonely it can feel to grow up in an emotionally distant household, and how it’s so easy to compare your own life to others when you’re in a bad place yourself.” Take a listen for yourselves below.

VEPS are Helena Mariero Olasveengen (keys/vocals), June K. Urholt (bass), Laura Dodson (guitar/vocals) & Maja B. Berge (drums)

Photo credit: Jenny F. Lunde


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