Sunday 16 May 2021

HYYTS - Hold On Cowboy

Following on from last month's singles Avalanche and Blue & White, Glasgow's pop troubadours HYYTS have unveiled their latest effort Hold On Cowboy. Discussing the making of the single, Adam says “‘Hold On Cowboy’ is our anthem for getting carried away and falling in love instantly. The inspiration from the song came from my real life relationship- I was working the first time I met my girlfriend and I served her in the bar where I worked but I don’t remember it! And then the second time I met her I fell head over heels cos I’m super dramatic and I couldn’t believe I’d met her before and not realised how perfect she is. And we just love cowboys so we used that phrase in the chorus lol. But we’re constantly getting carried away with ourselves so we thought we’d write a song about it. And it’s probably my fave HYYTS song ever!” ‘Hold On Cowboy’ is taken from the band’s forthcoming new EP, Helluvatime which is due out June 4th. Take a listen for yourselves below. 


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