Tuesday 10 August 2021

VICTORS - hey, u up?

Leeds-based trio VICTORS have recently unveiled their immersive new single 'hey, u up?'. Taken form their upcoming concept EP that's set to depict the different stages of a relationship, the track's soft electronics and soulful sensibilities deliver another solid effort for the three-piece. Speaking about the new single the band say: "Everyone has either received, or sent ‘that’ text. Late at night, often intoxicated and most of the time, full of regret with it in the morning. 'hey, u up?' flips to this setting to the perspective of the one receiving the text, in this case a girl. She’s being messed around, waits up all night for that empty text and trying to decide whether it's real love or not. We started writing this song over two years ago but it took us till now to finally get it how we wanted. Synonymously to love, sometimes that’s how it works." Take a listen for yourselves below.


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