Tuesday 21 September 2021

GRANT - What's A Woman To You?

Nobody really does pop music like Sweden. And nobody really does it as well as GRANT. Returning with her new single What's a Woman To You?, the introspective reflection on womanhood showcases a power-house in pop sensibilities as it catchy choruses and insatiable rhythms take a hold. Speaking about the new track GRANT explains “We are extremely defined by our choices and are either categorized as strong or broken, seldom indifferent. Women depicted as either madonnas or whores in these incredibly shallow portraits of how they handle struggles in their lives.”    

I feel like a lot of dynamic is lost in pop culture, when selling a brand or an image. Lately I'm thinking the nuances are incredibly interesting, maybe because I’m experiencing them for the first time being in my first long term relationship, but also seeing people around me succumbing to matters of ”forever”: having babies, getting married, keeping a job; fulfilling ideals they used to resent.”    

Everyday life naturally becomes less passionate, and I felt like I was failing somehow. Shedding my youth while still having the needs of a child.  I didn’t realize how much effort and patience went into it, just keeping life together without hurting each other. I have never respected my mother, my sisters and my grandmothers more, for taking on so much responsibility.”    

I’ve had so many wonderful, insightful discussions with these women in my life, family and friends. For the first time I feel a sense of belonging. The kinship that comes from shared experiences. I’m still learning to accept and handle the dynamics of my person and my relationship, and I’m doing it with their help. I’m so thankful.”

Take a listen for yourselves above.


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