Wednesday 3 November 2021

Alfie Templeman - 3D Feelings

Photo credit: Lillie Eiger

Star riser Alfie Templeman has returned this week with his catchy new number 3D Feelings. Produced with Will Bloomfield and Vaccines’ frontman Justin Young, ‘3D Feelings’ explores self-reflection, emotional attachment and the multitude of feelings in response to that. Speaking about the new single, Templeman goes on to explain: “3D Feelings” is about being reminded of your past self in different ways. Whether it’s objects or people, these are all things we feel a deja vu experience from. We get reminded of feelings we once felt through them, and those feelings just hit you and can’t be controlled. It can be a comforting experience, or a painful one, but either way it takes you back immediately to that feeling you once felt and that can be so powerful. The song came together so quickly as a fun jam between Will & I, the opening guitar lick was made up on the spot after we found a really nice chord progression for me to solo over. Justin then inspired me to write some really cool lyrics for this one, they flow so effortlessly and they’re really fun to sing.” Take a listen for yourselves below. 


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