Wednesday 3 November 2021

Ms Ray - Cornerstone

Today sees Ms Ray return sharing her empowering ode to self-discovery in the form of new single ‘Cornerstone’. Filled with catchy electronics and warming basslines, the track's celestial energy quickly takes a hold through her angelic vocals. "It’s really easy to lose hope in yourself and your endeavours" she explains. "‘Cornerstone’ is about landing firmly in your power after a long journey in uncharted waters. The song is for anyone who has felt lost and finally found their way. That moment when you finally start remembering exactly who you are and where you’re going.  It’s about re-finding your hope. Celebrating whatever path you’re on. Keep dancing to your own beat, jump into the unknown and you’ll reap the rewards." Take a listen for yourselves below with the Jack Layfield directed clip. 

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