Monday 29 November 2021

Live Review: James, Cardiff Motorpoint Arena 28/11/2021

With the crowd suitably warmed up following Happy Monday's taking to the stage, timely marking 33 years since the two Factory label mates toured together back in 1988, Tim Booth, donned in a cosy jacket and oversized beanie hat shuffled out in his usual unassuming manner. For some, it was presumable their first show back post-lockdown, so it was understandable the atmosphere inside was already teetering towards its limit.

"We’re all going to die, that's the truth, quit measuring time by money and youth." cried booth to quickly set the mood bringing home the sobering message on new album track Zero. It's a typical stance from the Manchester based outfit to toy with their tongue-in-cheek lyricism and it's one they achieve to great effect. 

With a career now spanning 16 albums it's safe to say the setlist was packed with track's across the decades with the bulk in support of their recently released record 'All The Colours Of You'.

From Miss America's soft intimacy, played behind a giant white sheet that was draped in front of the band, to Beautiful Beaches and its rush of energy that filled the echoing hall, the band's dynamic sound and rich history truly come to life in a live setting. 

For anyone who's been fortunate enough to see James before will know all too well no performance would be complete without booth's convulsive dancing and tonight the crowd got plenty to feast their eyes upon as he jolted around with arms and hands flailing.

Eternally grateful for the crowds adoration, Tim's reaction throughout is earnest. It's clear to see the appreciation the band have for their fans, reciprocated in huge cheers and smiles throughout as they churned out 2 hours of live music.

Saving the classics to last, the band rounded up the main event with Getting Away With It (All Messed Up), before returning for an encore with Seven, Laid and Sit Down. Sadly my favourite song Sometimes was omitted from the setlist but who can blame them with so many profound and poignant track's to choose from - I'd rather not be in charge of curation. 

With the band's new music fitting so seamlessly amongst the tried and tested back catalogue, it's safe to say, as long as James keep rolling out the euphoria and adrenalin rising anthems, they'll long be playing to packed out arena shows.


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