Monday 15 November 2021

Yumi Zouma - Mona Lisa

Photo: Nick Grennon

New Zealand alt-pop outfit Yumi Zouma have recently returned with their brand new single Mona Lisa, the second single to be lifted from their as yet untitled forthcoming new album due next year. "Mona Lisa’ came to us gradually over a long period of time –so it's story has changed and shifted, developing new relevance with each new phase of our lives", guitarist/vocalist Josh Burgess explained. “It's a song that ruminates on conflicting, shifting uncertainty –of wanting someone that maybe you can’t have –of uncertain boundaries, of confusing interactions, misunderstanding, yearning. Trying to forget an obsession –or shifting between losing all hope and giving in to the obsession –lured back by the excitement and promise –the moments of feeling so alive. The terror and joy of a big crush” Take a listen for yourselves below.


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